Recommended Reads:

A Great Devotional

I am excited to recommend this book! Minister Derrell Dean is a member of the church I attend. I was so excited to hear when he decided to release his book. (And yes I have an autographed copy) This book is exactly as the title suggested. It is broken down into 40 days. Each devotional comes with a scripture of focus. He then gives either a personal application, and some guidance for you to apply. If you have only a few minutes to dedicate to your devotional this would be an excellent choice. If you want to extend the devotional you can take the time to first read the scripture that Minster Dean references, then read the devotional.

An excellent guide on how to study the bible

Reading the bible can feel like an overwhelming task. I remember when I use to read a passage, then try to find a book that could explain what the passage meant.  Now I just read it, and that is because I learned a lot of the methods taught in this book. This book will teach you how to read the bible inductively. That means it will teach you how to read it little by little, and to discover what God means, and what it means to you. This is completely doable. The book is easy to read.  The authors walk you through a concept, and then provides examples to practice on.  This is a must have for your study library.


A great tool to use to get focused

From time to time we can get of track and feel a little lost and overwhelmed. This book was will popular when it first came out. While it has been around for a while, it is still a great resource to help you re-center. This is a day by day book. This means you shouldn’t feel rushed to move through it. I like that it really challenges you to think about your purpose in God’s will. This ensures that you will be able to target your focus on the right things, the will of God! Is it time to set some new goals? This is a great book to jump start you.